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If you love delicious food but find most recipes don’t turn out the way you want them to, then ‘Recipes That REALLY Work!’ is just what you’ve been looking for.

My recipes never leave you wondering what to do next! EVERY SECOND is accounted for until the meal is on the table.

You won’t find any directions like ‘cook until tender’ or ‘roast until golden’ in my book. What use are they if everything else is ruined while you’re waiting?

I tell you the exact order to do everything in and precisely how long everything takes, so the WHOLE MEAL comes together, perfectly. No more over/under cooked food, dried out/too runny sauces or inedible vegetables!

And these aren’t just your average boring, bland recipes. They’re all packed with tons of flavour. And even if you’ve never cooked before, they’re so clearly explained and easy to follow you’ll be able to cook exciting English, French, Italian, Spanish, Moroccan, Indian, Thai and Chinese dishes right from the start!

On top of main courses I also show you how to make lovely snacks, starters, salads, salsas and dips as well – in other words everything a well-rounded cook should know how to do!

And so you don’t get overwhelmed, I break up everything I’m going to show you into separate weeks – the shopping lists, the meal planning and the recipes. Of course you can cook the recipes in any order you like, but if you follow the 28 Day Meal Plan’ you’ll save money, time and effort. (And never eat the same meal twice in a month!)

‘Recipes That REALLY Work!’ is available in both ebook (£1.88) and hard copy formats (£22.16).  If you opt for the hard copy, ‘Recipes That REALLY Work!’ comes in a spiral bound format with sturdy covers and when opened lies flat, making recipes easy to follow. Pages are glossy and easily wiped clean so no need to worry if you spill something over it.

Guaranteed to become your favourite EVERYDAY cook book!

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