Miniature Mince Pies

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Delia would dig my eyes out for the recipe!

I hate to boast, but my miniature mincepies are legendary! Friends have been known to drive 20 miles to get their hands on them.

It’s true you need an iron will to eat only one – it’s a case of once you pop you can’t stop! Yes I know they take time to make, but truly, the taste and texture are well worth the effort, not to mention all the praise you’ll get.

For a totally orgasmic experience, why not go the whole hog and add a dollop of my rum sauce…Mmmm delish!

Makes: 50
Preparation & Cooking Time:
90 minutes
Effort Level: Some effort
Shelf Life: 3 days. Will freeze.

2 jars luxury mincemeat
1kg best ever shortcrust
Icing sugar for dredging

Mini muffin tin (24)
Rolling pin
teaspoon and fork
6cm & 5cm pastry cutters

Here’s What You Do:
Pre-heat the oven to 200C/Gas 6
Lightly grease the muffin tin.
Roll out the pastry to a thickness slightly less than £1 coin.
Stamp out the pastry using the cutters.
Carefully press the pastry circles into the tin.
Fill almost to the top with mincemeat.
Lightly brush the smaller disc with a little water.
Lay the discs over each filling.
Lightly press down around the edges.
Crimp the edges with the fork to seal them.
Pierce the cente of each pie with the fork so steam can escape.
Place on the middle oven shelf for 20 minutes.
Cook slightly, dust with icing sugar and serve.

Truly Scrumptious

Truly Scrumptious

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