Easy Gourmet Recipes For Everyday Cooking

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At last, a recipe book you can trust and rely on to give you the full picture on how to produce a brilliant meal.

With Everyday Easy Gourmet you don’t have to be a good cook to get outstanding results.

These fool proof recipes are designed so you can replicate the exact same tastes every time – no matter what your cooking ability.

If ever a recipe book could be described as painting by numbers this is it. Everyday Easy Gourmet tempts and teaches in equal measure, inspiring total confidence in anyone wishing to produce stunning meals, previously thought beyond their reach.

Everyday Easy Gourmet is your best friend in the kitchen! It shows you how to quickly and easily make mouth watering meals every day.

Each recipe provides you with simple, yet precise, step-by-step instructions and includes:

  • Effort level: dead easy to a little effort
  • Shelf life and freezer compatibility
  • Preparation and cooking times
  • Ingredients list
  • Equipment list
  • Step by step instructions for putting the whole meal together – not just the meat or fish

Additionally there are…

  • Time saving tips that save you hours every week
  • Weekly shopping lists tell you what to buy so you always have the right ingredients on hand
  • The best brands to use and what they look like
  • Menu plan – so you never eat the same meal twice in a month
  • Essential kitchen equipment and gadgets (you can forget the rest)
  • Useful web sites recommending the best brands and where to buy them

Everything Clearly Explained …So No More Disappointing Results

Some recipe books are a bit overwhelming and leave you wondering what to do at a crucial stage, but not this one.

Everyday Easy Gourmet breaks everything down into such simple steps, you feel completely relaxed and in control of what you’re cooking. It’s like having Uma by your side guiding you effortlessly through the whole process.

Price: £19.99 (incl.all post & packing)

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