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Capturing Autumn's Goodness

A Bottled Up Taste Sensation!

All organic ingredients hand made the old fashioned way with great care and attention to detail. Each fruit and vegetable has been specially selected and cooked very gently in small batches using wide pans to preserve their flavour.  100% NATURAL.  

Bengal Chutney  £3.99 SOLD OUT
Vibrant and spicy, packed with chunky vegetables marinated in a special blend of roasted spices, and guaranteed to add zip to all cold meats and hard cheeses.

Piccalilli  £3.99 SOLD OUT
A stunningly good pickle, packed with fresh, crisp, organic vegetables subtly laced with fragrant spices. The perfect accompaniment to ploughman’s, cold cuts, salads and sandwiches.

Sage & Apple Jelly £3.99 SOLD OUT
A beautiful clear jelly with slivers of fresh sage magically suspended within it.  Brilliant with sausages, roast pork, duck, goose and turkey.

Quince & Rose Water Jelly £3.99 SOLD OUT
Exotically fragrant and full of Eastern promise…This versatile jelly is delicious with cheese, lamb, game, cold meats, or simply spread on toast, scones and crumpets. 

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