How To Lose Those Christmas Pounds… Effortlessly Without Going Hungry

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As far as I’m concerned, December is the month for pigging out – no holds barred! And January is the month for getting my waistline back.

After what seems like weeks of excess, I’m finally up to the gills with food and booze and it’s not a pretty sight. I’m half a stone heavier, puffy eyed and bloated to boot. Time then, to bring on some clean living and drop those excess pounds.

I have to reach this stage first though, because I don’t like denying myself anything. Who does? Anyway as it happens, I know an effective and painless way to shed weight and speed up metabolism (see tip 5) and it’s relatively easy to stick to.

I first tried it in my teens when I was modelling swimwear and lingerie. It was a case of having to because as we all know, there ain’t nowhere to hide when you’re stripped down to your smalls.

So Here Are My Weight Dropping Tips

Tip No.1 Only drink soup. Apart from breakfast, which ideally should consist of fresh fruit and bio yogurt, soup (plus salad) will make up your diet for the next week or so. Besides being cheap, soup is nutritious, comforting and filling so you can stick to this regime for up to four weeks.

Don’t panic! I’m not suggesting you boil up vats of revolting cabbage soup. Far from it! What you need is a variety of soups in all their glorious forms to keep boredom at bay.

Everything from chunky soups like minestrone and rich creamy ones, like my leek and potato, – a miracle soup considering it doesn’t contain any cream – (see last week’s post),) as well as light, cleansing broths.

And if you’re stuck for ideas and want something tasty, quick and easy, get a copy of my book (see about My Book.) In it you’ll find seven soups you can make in under 90 minutes.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to make up large batches and freeze them so you’ve always got some handy whenever you’re hungry. Plus it’ll save you time, effort and money. As far as quantity’s concerned eat until you’re satisfied. After a few days you’ll find the amount will automatically start decreasing.

Tip No.2 Include some fresh crunchy salads. Texture is important. Salad is probably the last thing you want in the middle of winter, but funnily enough when you have it after a bowl of hot soup, it’s enjoyable, even on the coldest of days.

Tip No.3 Keep away from sugar. Remove temptation by clearing out your cupboards of all the naughty stuff; biscuits, cake, pastries, the lot. They’re empty calories with no benefit other than a few moments of brief satisfaction. Just remember “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips…”

Tip No.4 Stay off the booze. If this is too daunting in gloomy January at least seriously limit your intake by steering clear of wine and beer. Just with a meal alone, wine can easily add another 300 or more extra calories. If you can’t survive without a drink, have a short, (vodka’s cleanest) and top it up with water or juice. Don’t add fizzy mixers not even diet ones.

Tip No.5 Take cider vinegar and honey. They contain nutrients that speed up your metabolism, detoxify your system and increase circulation. People in the know have been using this remedy for years.

But not any old cider vinegar will do. Buy an organic brand, (look for ‘mother’ on the label) as it contains trace minerals, enzymes and friendly bacteria, important for fighting toxins.

The same applies to honey, only use the raw unprocessed kind because unlike regular honey, this one is alkaline-forming. The best on the market is the multi award winning “Really Raw Honey” but at £14.39 for a 226g jar it certainly isn’t cheap. If cost is an issue, go for Eco-Kiwi Raw Honey instead, at £6.99 for a 500g jar it offers the consumer better value.

To kick start your system, simply measure between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of honey – (you decide how much) into a glass with a little boiling water. Let it dissolve then add 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar, stir and drink it down.

I take mine in a shot glass but you can dilute the mix with more water if you prefer. The taste is surprisingly OK, sort of sweet and sour and the effects are instant, well they are for me. One shot and I feel supercharged and ready to go.

Anyway, do this twice a day and watch those pounds fall away. I promise after several weeks you’ll be feeling healthy and glowing from the inside out.

Both the honey(s) and cider vinegar are available by mail order from Red23 organic health store.

Coming up next week… Seville Oranges – Bitter Sweet Treat

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have tried the crunchy salad after the soup and it’s a great idea…especially when you’ve been on the second (or third) day of the soup diet. I use your soup recipes from your book and they really keep me going. Not only taste good but feel like they are doing you good. Because of all the flavours you don’t get the usual cravings for something sweet after. Handy as you say post-Christmas when you are trying to shift excess pounds.
    Thanks UMA!!!

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