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Lorraine McLeod"Your recipe book is a godsend. I was stuck in a rut with the same boring meals. Since I began using it my interest in cooking has rocketed. It´s so easy to follow and the results are delicious - really tasty and good sized portions."
Susan Acton, Gerrards Cross

Lorraine McLeod"In my view, speaking as somebody who is only a once-in-a-while cook, Recipes That Really Work', is the way recipe books should be written. For each meal it tells you everything you'll need in the way of equipment, as well as the ingredients, and then steps you through the process in a way that gives you confidence and makes it almost impossible to go wrong."
Neil McLeod, Tetbury

eric-clair-putsman"Recipes That Really Work is the best recipe book I´ve ever come across. No other recipe book gets a look in anymore because it takes all the effort out of cooking and everything tastes fantastic. I´ve never had so many compliments about my food!"
Clare Putsman, Sutton Coldfield

Lorraine McLeod"I´m very impressed with the vegetarian recipes in your excellent book. They´re as good as anything I've eaten at The Gate in Hammersmith, which is arguably London's best vegetarian restaurant."
Nigel Warder, Kingswood

Lorraine McLeod"If I had to choose one dish, I'd go for the Ghurka chicken. You taste that first spicy, succulent mouthful and it develops in your mouth into an even richer, deeper flavour. Delicious."
Libby Knight, Tetbury

Brijitte West"I use Recipes That Really Work all the time. It´s easy to follow, everything works out as it says it will and the food tastes delicious.""
Brijitte West, London

Lorraine McLeod"I love your recipes. You´ve inspired me to get on and make a cook-book of my own!!"
Camil Haas, Chef Proprietor Bouillabaisse, Franschoek, SA

Jackie Cleaver"I like everything about lamb Dalaman. It's very well balanced and all the flavours work beautifully together. I also adore the lemon tarragon chicken and the Asian slaw, I could eat them again and again and never get tired of the taste."
Jackie Cleaver, Tetbury

Julia Robson"My partner who doesn't normally comment unless it's to criticise absolutely LOVES 'Recipes That Really Work'. He said it's the only recipe book he's EVER been interested in and is looking forward to trying out some of the recipes. I nearly fainted!"
Julia Robson, London

Julia Robson"I´m really enjoying Recipes That Really Work. The step by step guide is so easy to follow and so far all the recipes I´ve tried have worked out successfully. The shopping lists are brilliant especially for people like me who hate shopping. I´ve shown your book to my friends and now they´re all nagging me to get them a copy!"
Ian Brownlie, Wilts

margaret klestadt"The creamy peanut chilli chicken is fantastic and the Asian slaw is loved by all who try it including a Malaysian friend who took the recipe back home, he thought it was that good!"
Margaret Klestadt, Bradford-upon-Avon

Alix Dewhurst"Recipes That Really Work is brilliant! You manage to create absolutely unique, awesome tastes which more than equal anything I´ve eaten in a five star restaurant."
Alix Dewhurst, Elgin

Gordon Wyles"This is stylish, innovative food that´s inspirational and always very memorable."
Gordon Wyles, Herts

Lorraine McCleod"I have eaten all over, and in the best restaurants, but Uma's food is something else. It's exceptional."
Lorraine McLeod, Tetbury

Antony Howard"This food is orgasmic! Every recipe I've tried in your book so far has been a success. I'm even enjoying making them, which is a totally new phenomenon!"
Antony Howard, Newcastle

Clive Truman"Uma can create amazing tastes just from a few ingredients. She has the knack of cutting down a complicated recipe and making it simple."
Clive Truman, London

Clive Truman"Food is often bland with little satisfaction in it. What Uma does is smack your tastebuds with such intensity you´ll never want to eat anything ordinary ever again." Ian Hallwood, London

Clive Truman"To sum up Uma´s food, it´s highly original, always exceptional, amazingly tasty and the ingredients are easy to get hold of. Basically, it´s incredibly good."
Guy Wyles, Leeds

Clive Truman"Awesome food! I love Uma´s cooking, it´s amazing. She conjures up fantastic tastes out of nowhere."
Charlie Sullivan, Bristol

Martin Riley"Uma Wylde can transform a ham-fisted, fish-fingered kitchen clown into a masterchef with a wave of her magical culinary wand - just read her book or take part in one of her cookery courses and I dare you to tell me I'm wrong."
Martin Riley, Ablington

Martin Riley"Impressive. There´s no doubt about it, Uma certainly knows her way around a kitchen and how to create stunning tastes."
Dominic Williams, Restaurant Consultant

Martin Riley"Uma has a very practical, down to earth approach to cooking. Her class was very relaxed and tremendous fun and went far beyond my expectations. I´m recommending it to everyone."
Linda Wells, Avening

"It was a full day, packed with information. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot." 
Susan Dyke, Tetbury

Lorraine McLeod"Uma Wylde's cooking classes and recipes may just be THE save working mother's lives and marriages and their families and friends from the terminal boredom of eating food without these wonderful, bold, interesting flavours. Thank you Uma for this inspiration - I feel as if I can now produce something I can be proud of and am dying to eat"
Louisa Gaskell, Wilts

Lorraine McLeod"Having cooked for more than forty years, I wondered how much I would learn. Uma's brilliant hands-on demonstrations transformed my ideas of how to cook quick, easy and tasty meals while she gave us useful tips and interesting anecdotes from her cooking career. Worth every penny!"
Elizabeth Hancock, Tetbury

"I thoroughly enjoyed Uma´s cooking class. The food was great and the shortcuts she showed us were really useful, I highly recommend going."
Diane Branch, Tetbury

"This book does what it says on the cover. They are recipes that really do work"