Peanut Chili Chicken

November 4th, 2013

Like Thai Green Chicken curry, but better…


Probably one of the greatest tastes ever discovered! Even people who don’t normally like spicy food, fall in love with this deeply flavoured dish.

Not to be confused with its much poorer cousin – chicken satay – creamy, peanut chili chicken is richly satisfying on many levels. And as far away from the usual crude, mouth-on-fire curries, as you can get.

The first thing you feel as you bite into the mouth-wateringly tender pieces of poached chicken, is the smooth warm sensation of the creamy, peanut, coriander and coconut sauce. Then just when you think it can’t get any better, a subtle hint of chili kicks in giving this dish its lingering after-taste.

Then a mouthful of the cool, crunchy, zingy Asian slaw makes the perfect contrast to the rich, smoothness of the peanut chili chicken. Alternate or combine for the ultimate taste sensations.


Here’s a video of me cooking it…


Left click on the download button to view the recipe. (Right click the download button/select save target as/save to desktop) so can easily find and print it out whenever you want to! 😉