Cheltenham Food Festival

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Perfect paella in only 20 minutes!

Perfect paella in only 20 minutes!

Hi Everyone,

If you happen to live near Cheltenham why not come and see me cook live this Friday 19th June at 4.00pm in the ‘Intoto Kitchen Theatre.’

I’ll be cooking a quick and easy seafood paella and even quicker shrimp soup. Even though the paella only takes 20 minutes from start to finish it’s totally authentic and tastes like something you’d find in a top Spanish restaurant.

The shrimp soup tastes of the sea, yet is so easy to make it’s embarassing! And all because of one little secret ingredient that comes in a jar and costs next to nothing. To find out what it is come and see me in action.

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  1. Myrl Wiland says:

    Awesome post. I recently found your web site and wanted to let you know that I have really liked reading through your blogs. At any rate I shall be following your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon.

  2. Uma says:

    Love the look of those Spanish recipes, must try them in the new year.

  3. Ali Mcnear says:

    Thank you so much, this was very interesting. I was actually born in Madrid ( not telling you what year though!) but moved around various parts of europe and lastly settled in Britain when I was 5. I dont remember much of the few years I was in spain, but the delicious smell of spanish food always seems to get me going or something. It’s weird how I dont remember anything except the smells,isn’t it! I actually found a internet site dedicated to spanish recipes, which gave me great delight and thought I ought to share with your readers. Anyway, thank you again. I’ll get my son to add your website to my rss thing…

  4. Jimmi says:

    where are you this year????? I’m so bummed you’re not gonna be there

  5. skinny ties says:

    A pleasure to come to your site. Thanks very much! Goodluck.

  6. linda says:

    Please can I have the recipe for the Paella dish that you demonstrated in In- Toto

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