Christmas Canapes

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Art on a plate

Art on a plate

Forgive me for posting this recipe blog again, but I thought it might come in handy if, like me, you’re having a New Years Eve party.

I’ve made a lot of canapés – especially when I was a caterer. In general most people freak at the thought of making them, but canapés don’t have to be a nightmare.

So long as you plan ahead,  keep things simple and don’t have lots of last minute prep to deal with, they’re a breeze. Honestly!

Creating delicious, appetising canapés is fun. Think eye catching colours using a variety of textures and flavours and you won’t go wrong.

Ideally, both hot and cold should be available and possibly sweet canapés too if guests aren’t moving on to dinner elsewhere.

If you have the time, it’s worth making up your own bases and freezing them. They’re far nicer and cheaper than shop bought.

Follow the tips below and I promise you won’t end up frazzled and unable to enjoy your own party, which is the last thing anyone wants.

1) Be organised – Plan ahead.
2) Get hold of any unusual ingredients in advance.
3) Keep portions dainty – a maximum of two bites per canape.
4) Don’t serve messy canapes, unless you have finger wipes at the ready.
5) Allow 6-8 canapes per guest for a casual drinks party.
6) Create a clear space to work in.
7) Have everything laid out like a production line – it’s quicker and easier.

Below are some really easy canape suggestions. Click on each one to be taken to the recipe.

Camenbert & Cranberry Croutes
Chilli, Prawn & Mango Sambals
Salami, Boursin & Pickle Cones
Salmon,Dill & Caviar Croutes
Zesty Crab Cocktail Cups

Turkey, Sage & Cranberry Meatballs
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
Spicy Banana & Bacon Sticks
Devils On Horseback

For more canape recipes, go to the Canapes, Dips & Snacks category in the Recipe Index.


12 Responses to “Christmas Canapes”

  1. Uma says:

    They’re not too bad Matt.
    but why not come along to one of my canape demonstration classes that are running in December?

  2. Matt says:

    I sure could do with some of your help – as my own canapes are a bit basic…

  3. Christine says:

    Your canape suggestions look and sound delicious! I’ve never attempted canapes,but yours look SO good and easy, I’m giving them a go on new years eve.

  4. Jacob says:

    I saw you on youtube and think you should go places

  5. Leona says:

    I found your site by accident and it looks impressive. I shall definitly be trying out some of the canapes listed here. Thanks!

  6. J.D says:

    You gorgeous talented cook. Marry me now!

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Wow Uma – I am drooling at the mouth and I’ve only read the descriptions so far!!! If they are as easy-peasy to make as your other lovely recipes, I’ll cancel the turkey order and just eat these….. Spicy banana and bacon – yummy.

  8. Kathleen says:

    Very nice canape ideas Uma, I might have to make those prawn sambals. What a good idea to use prawn crackers – very novel.

  9. Sue Ann says:

    Love your website, it’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of ordinariness. I’ve been following your recipes for a while now and they always work out as you say they will. You’ve inspired me sufficiently to have a go at my own cake this year, I’ve also done the pudding and made my mincemeat at the weekend. My husband is in shock!!! Yesterday I made your shortcrust for the mincepies, it rolls out so easily and has a lovely crumbly texture. Uma you are a true star!

  10. Orla Trotter says:

    Your canape recipes couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m doing the food for our office party again this year, and I hate all the junk that you get in the shops. It’s tasteless cardboard, especially those blini’s. Not falling for that one again this year. Your canapes all look straight forward enough, I’ll let you know how i get on.

  11. Yannie says:

    Uma you are an inspiration! A Cooking Goddess.
    What I love about your recipes is they’re always so stylish but incredibly simple to follow and perfect results everytime. I’ve always been nervous about canapes, so fiddly, but even I can manage these especailly the salami cones and camenbert/cranberry. I mean it doesn’t get easier than that. I’ve even got my mum onto your recipes. keep up the good work!

  12. Wendy says:

    Marvellous, Uma.. more ideas for the Christmas Party pre-party!

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