Chili Cup & Spicy Tomato Soup On Guy Fawkes

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Chilli in a cup perfect for fireworks night

If you’re having a fireworks party this weekend make life easy by keeping things simple on the food front. The last thing you need are people trampling in and out, so have food at the ready to prevent this from happening.

The best way to go at these events is to provide something hot and warming for your guests (preferably out of a disposable cup), something simple, like a  homemade chilli for example.

I have the easiest recipe that takes all of 20 minutes to make and tastes divine. The secret magic ingredient is the fresh coriander and plenty of cumin. Tip: Try substituting Heinz baked beans, in place of kidney beans, they’re smaller and as beans go, are generally more popular. If you’re making chilli wraps, omit the beans and reduce the sauce until the chilli is thick enough not to drip out the wrap. For the recipe click here meat sauce recipe

For something cheap ‘n’ cheerful how about homemade spicy tomato soup? It’s always popular with adults, children and vegetarians alike and even better with some garlic bread dipped into it. The recipe below provides 8-10 cup size servings.


Here’s What You Do:
Finely chop 8 fat  garlic cloves and gently fry in 1 tbsp sunflower oil with 1 tsp smoked paprika (la Chinata) for one minute.
Next, add 2 x 400g cans chopped tomatoes
2 x 500ml cartons of tomato passata
Bring up to the boil then reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes.
Take off the heat, blend to a smooth consistency and dilute with 500 -750ml water depending on your desired consistency. 
Season to taste with a little sugar and salt and serve.  

Voila! Job done.

As for the garlic bread you can make your own, but if time’s short, it’s best to buy it in. Frozen is cheaper than fresh and just as good. While you’re shopping, get hold of some disposable cups, forks and spoons, they’re perfect for these hand-to-mouth occasions.  

To finish things off hand round a tray of  chocolate brownies I guarantee they’ll go down a storm whenever you serve them.

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