How To Cook The Perfect Steak

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Tender, succulent and juicy

Tender, succulent and juicy


Here’s What You Do:
1. Always bring the meat up to room temperature before cooking it.
2. Place a dry frying pan over a high heat until it’s searing hot. You want to hear a ‘sizzle’ when the steak makes contact with the pan. If it doesn’t the pan isn’t hot enough.
3. Rub steaks with a little oil and season with a grinding of sea salt and black pepper.
4. Cook steaks in a dry pan without oil or butter – the steak will cook in the oil rubbed on them and your kitchen won’t get smokey!
5. Turn down the heat slightly if necessary.

Guide To Cooking Times
The times given are a guide only and refer to a sirloin steak approximately 1″ thick. Thicker steaks will require a longer cooking time and thinner steaks less time.

1″ Thick steak Cooking Time
(per side)
Total Cooking

2 minutes

4 minutes

8  minutes


3 minutes

4 minutes

10 minutes

Well Done

4 minutes

2 minutes

10 minutes

The “poke test” is the best way to tell when a steak is cooked.
A good cook or chef, can tell whether meat is cooked or not just by pressing it. If you’d like to know how they do this, follow the guide below as it provides a quick gauge for doneness. Start off by feeling the the base of your thumb on your upturned palm and press it with your other thumb and fingers. Believe it or not it produces the same ‘ feel’ as meat during the various stages of cooking, alternatively watch this short video clip.

Rare: Place your thumb and index finger either side of your other thumb and gently press the base of your thumb. This is how rare meat feels.

Medium: Bring your thumb and middle finger together gently and press the base of your thumb.This is how medium cooked meat feels.

Well-done: Bring your thumb and little finger together and press the base of your thumb. This is how well cooked meat feels.

Always rest steak after cooking, it relaxes the meat fibres and locks in the juices.

Why not serve with tripple cooked chips and bearnaise sauce?

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