Valentines Dinner A Deux

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It’s coming up to that time of year again. You know, when love is in the air, the birds are singing, spring is just around the corner and all that malarkey…

But instead of being royally ripped off in some eaterie and risk being underwhelmed with overpriced food and inadequate service, why not treat your beloved to a spot of home cooking – gourmet style?

After all, there’s no finer way to your beloved’s heart than through their stomach.

I’m thinking along the lines of 70’s retro ‘Surf & Turf.’  An easy 3 course dinner that doesn’t cost a fortune or mean hours slaving over a hot stove. Plus it’s nicely balanced and won’t leave you unbearably full in the event you’re feeling a bit frisky!

Apart from the steak, everything else can be made in advance, so if you want to up the anti and impress your sweetheart, be sure to make the bernaise sauce – a brilliant partner with steak.

Entree:Prawn Cocktail
Main: Perfect Steak served with Triple Cooked Chips & Bernaise Sauce
Dessert: Petit Pots Au Chocolate

Cooking Order Without Panic!

Morning or Day Before:
Make the dessert and stick in the fridge
Prep the chips up to stage 3 and stick in the fridge
Bring the steak up to room temperature – 1 hr ahead
Make the bernaise sauce and keep warm – ½  hour ahead
Make up the prawn cocktails
Cook the steaks and heat the oil for the chips
Fry off the chips for 5 minutes while the steaks are resting

Serve and Enjoy!

To hear me discuss it on the radio click the link
BBC Radio Wilts


prawn cocktail steak-chips-bernaise-sauce1 choc-pots-1


7 Responses to “Valentines Dinner A Deux”

  1. Bob says:

    I made all 3 courses followed your instructions much to amazement of my GF. Thanks Uma, you’re a star!

  2. paul says:

    Done it, worked out just fine, nice one Uma!

  3. I have to say this is the second time I have read your blog and Im diggin it! I added your blog to my rss reader. Cant wait to see more updates!

  4. Lorraine says:

    I’m looking forward to doing your valentines meal at the weekend. Just got back with all the ingredients, they cost nothing compared to what we’d spend going out! My husband is making the sauce, I’m too nervous, but we both love it especially with steak. Keep you posted how it goes. Thanks Uma!

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  6. Sarah Walker says:

    Thanks for these super recipes Uma! I was wondering what to do and you’ve solved the problem for me.

  7. Joanne says:

    Heavens! You’ve been busy Uma, that all looks very appetising and seems easy enough. Maybe I can coax my other half to make it. Some hope!

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