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Having her cake and eating it!

Having her cake and eating it!

Sitting provocatively with a moist carrot cake between her legs, it’s obvious socialite Stasha Palos is quite the femme fatale, what man wouldn’t want to come home to a woman so eager to please?

Top marks to Sir Philip Green’s stepdaughter for publishing a book entitled ‘How to Feed a Man’ – a not so new concept for pleasing your man through his stomach.

And what a title! Controversial enough to ruffle feathers whilst attracting the journo’s attention is something every budding author needs. After all there’s a constant tsunami of cook books spilling onto the market making it tough to get noticed – competition is cut throat and steep!  Still, it must be handy having billionaire Sir Phil’s financial clout to help win the battle.

Doubtless ‘How to Feed a Man’ won’t go down well with the feminists, but frankly I’m all for it.

As anyone with Everyday Easy Gourmet  knows, sexy suppers are de rigeur. I’ve been pleasing my man through his stomach for years, but to be fair I am a professional cook who seduces with food and lucky to have an appreciative man who loves every mouthful. But not everyone’s so fortunate,  just make sure you tick all the right boxes like Stasha does …

1) Your man is worth the effort
2) You love cooking
3) You don’t have a full time job
4) You don’t have children and aren’t permanently tired
5) You’re not stressed out with money worries
6) You have a lovely kitchen and gorgeous appliances
7) You’re loaded

I’m hazarding a guess ‘How To Feed A Man’ exclude singles, divorcees, unhappily marrieds, widows(ers) plus everyone who is time short or can’t be bothered – so that’s about 98% of the population then!

Now about that very lazy coq au vin  I’m cooking tonight for my beloved’s supper…

19 Responses to “How To Feed A Man…”

  1. Eden Liddell says:

    To all those negative jealous people (Rita, Luigi and Elisabeth) its nice to see so many negative people which im sure just makes stasha more determained. I attended Stasha’s book launch where i tasted her Carrot cake (which is moist) and various other dishes which were all delicious! You go girl, I love you and your book! x

  2. Anser says:

    What’s so bad about caring about the person your with and showing them with a nice dinner. Do we really dislike our wives, husbands and girlfriends that much? It’s fun and it’s quirky. come on people live and love a little.

  3. Thats one hairy muff … !!!

  4. Elisabeth says:

    Well, my man hates carrot cake, particularly if it’s been between the legs of a girl he doesn’t know! Good luck to her with the book but I bet it would never make the shelves if she didn’t have a famous dad. So many cookery books, so few we use. I met Uma when she had just launched her website and I love it. Tasty food that is quick and easy to prepare leaving more time to have a glass of wine with my husband before dinner and very little clearing up afterwards. Uma – you are a star! My favourites? Prawn and pumpkin soup – I could (and sometimes do!) live on it every day. Slimming too…..

  5. Jennie says:

    I have a friend coming tonight and a very full day – we are having Prawn Provencal and I am going to make Macaroons 1 for our coffee tomorrow morning 🙂 Cant wait!

  6. Jennie says:

    My man loved your food as much as I do. Quick simple and tasty – what more could anyone want 🙂

    I used to resent spending hours in the kitchen on a work nights (it never seems as bad at weekends) but now I can throw something together in minutes and its wonderful as long as I follow the recipe.

    He hated carrot cake too!

  7. Sue James says:

    Another ‘wonder’ cook on the bandwagon …(yawn)(yawn)

  8. Susan Acton says:

    Luckily for our family your fabulous recipes cater for women, teenagers and children – as well as men!

    That said – Your yummy recipes have certainly ‘hit the spot’ when I have wanted to impress my partner – you make great tastes easy – perfect for the majority of women who live real lives.

    I am doing your risotto tonight – BOTH of us love it!

    Keep em coming Uma.

  9. Maliya says:

    I don’t know about Stasha, but I do know that Uma is a living doll and a proven dominatrix of the kitchen. I was won over with the truffles and you’ve gone from strength to strength from there. Superb.

  10. Amber says:

    Well its all very predictable and no doubt this girls book will do well with her father being who is….what a shame though, does she have no shame?? Its almost as bad as Britney Spears “im a slave for you”!!
    p.s your lucky beloved getting that delicious sounding coq au vin…i am going to attempt it for mine!

  11. Single Stud says:

    That stasha woman’s on the right track, but like children they should be seen and not heard going about their duties!

  12. Luigi says:

    She’s an artist (if you call throwing paint at canvasses art) and taking over from Kate Moss at Top Shop.
    In other words a Jack of all trades and master of none.

  13. Linda More says:

    Never heard of her. Can’t say I’ll be buyign the book.

  14. Steve says:

    How do you know her carrot cakes moist???

  15. Dave says:

    Your old man’s one lucky guy 🙂

  16. Julia says:

    I’m bored rigid by all these wannabe cooks and their wretched books – haven’t we reached saturation point yet???

  17. Bruce says:

    I haven’t seen it, but I like the idea!!

  18. Rita says:

    I saw the article in yesterdays paper but didn’t bother reading it. Sounds like another Sophie Dahl – spoilt and rich telling the world what to cook, like we want to know!

  19. kim says:

    Is it just kosher food then????

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