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MICHAEL CAINES, MBE 2*Michelin Chef says …
I love Uma’s approach for her unique recipe book “Every Day Easy Gourmet” which sets out everything from menu planning, shopping lists and larder items to practical and tasty menus, recipes and dishes. It’s a fantastic, easy to follow book and I wish her all the best with it!


And that’s what you get with Every Day Easy Gourmet. Each recipe is delicious and healthy. They are low in fat, sugar and carbohydrates and use plenty of herbs and spices to tantalise your tastebuds. My unique shortcuts and time saving techniques guarantee perfect results quickly and effortlessly and the shopping lists and meal planner mean you always have the right ingredients and don’t have to worry what to cook each night!
My Book

£9.99 – The only cook book that comes with a full money back guarantee if you’re not delighted.

Recipes For Disaster

Most cook books and magazines are designed for people who already have a base level of knowledge about food or have the time to acquire it.

The problem is, not everyone does. All too often, the recipes are poorly explained and leave you hanging at a crucial stage wondering what to do next. As for cooking times, they’re often vague or incorrect.

I mean if you’re not really a cook, what use is it when a recipe says ‘cook fish until done’ or ‘roast vegetables until golden.’  How are you supposed time that with everything else that’s going on?

The other thing they neglect to mention, is ‘ the prepping sequence’ plus the extra time needed to do it. Obvious to experienced cooks perhaps, but prepping in the right order makes a big difference to how easy a meal is to cook!

Cooking By Numbers + Free Sample Recipe

So I came up with this concept where all the thinking is done for you. Some people call it cooking by numbers because all my recipes give you the exact order to do everything in and cooking stages are timed down to the last second so the whole meal comes together and tastes perfect. The meat or fish is juicy and tender, the vegetables are cooked but still crunchy and the sauces, deeply flavored. I even tell you when to warm the plates!

Just  click here for a free sample recipe. Chicken Romana with steamed cousous and courgettes is a robust Italian dish that’s quick and easy to make, yet sophisticated enough for a supper party. A great tasting meal for very little effort.

Or click here for the full index of all the other easy gourmet recipes designed for everyday eating.

Or here for the 28 day menu plan that means you never eat the same meal twice in a month.

Or here for one of the weekly shopping lists (each one is different) so you always have the right ingredients and never ‘over buy’ – saving you money – I hate having to throw food out because I’ve bought too much.

Worth Every Penny

Including my special tips, tricks and time saving techniques – which you won’t find anywhere else, my new book – Everyday Easy Gourmet is 107 pages long and costs £9.99. In reality, it’s more like a cookery course than a book. By the time you’ve worked your way through it, you will truly understand how to put together fantastic meals.  The sort of meals people talk about for years afterwards. The sort of closely guarded recipes and culinary secrets that no other cook book reveals. I promise your friends and family will be utterly amazed at your new found cooking skills and everyone who eats your food will be begging for more.

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Everyday Easy Gourmet comes with a 100% 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you’re not happy with the results,  just let me know and I’ll gladly refund every penny you’ve spent.  What other cookery book offers you that?



My Recipes Must Work For You!

I care passionately that my recipes will work for you and I’m on a mission to increase peoples confidence in the kitchen. I can’t achieve this unless they all turn out perfectly and the effort you put in is worthwhile.

So whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate or seasoned pro and you want to cook delicious tasting, healthy meals effortlessly, download a copy of Everyday Easy Gourmet now and receive stunning supper recipes, perfect for entertaining in style or simply enjoying each day at home.  You won’t be disappointed!

To gain instant access to these closely guarded recipes and a life time of cooking secrets, have a credit card handy and just follow the simple steps below:

STEP 1: Make sure you have Adobe PDF reader installed on your PC. If you’re not sure click here save Adobe to your desktop.

STEP 2: Now click on the “Add to basket” button below and follow the simple steps at PAY PAL (you don’t have to have a PAY PAL account, to complete your purchase, just a credit card!)

STEP 3: Once your payment has cleared successfully you will see a ‘Thank you Page’ and within 24 hours receive an email from me with an attachment containing Everyday Easy Gourmet.

If you encounter any problems receiving Everyday Easy Gourmet please let me know by leaving me a message below.

I wish you all the best with your cooking.

Bon Appetit!

Uma Wylde

P.S. – People often think great tastes are complicated to create, but nothing could be further from the truth. Good cooks know that the key to wonderful food is simplicity – you don’t need lots of different ingredients, just the ‘know how’ to use herbs and spices in the right ratios and that’s what you’ll get here.

PPS. – Don’t let dinner be tedious. Make it as pleasurable as possible and aim to eat well on a daily basis with this sparkling collection of healthy recipes

My Book


26 Responses to “A Sparkling Collection Of Delicious, Supper Recipes”

  1. Ryan Scott says:

    My wife downloaded your book with a view to getting me in the kitchen and helping her with the cooking. I was none to keen, but found to my amazement that I’m getting great results with your supper recipes. Your book offers sound no nonsense advice for amateurs like me who aren’t interested in learning the basics but who nevertheless are keen to get a good meal on the table without fuss.

  2. James Reed says:

    Your book is Absolutely fantastic.Love all the recipes!!!

  3. Janey says:

    I got this for Xmas, must say I really enjoy working through the recipes, they’re so well explained and turn out perfectly.

  4. Johnny Bold says:

    We’re lovin the book Uma! I can’t stop cooking and Janie can’t believe her luck!!! 🙂

  5. Irene Beckwith says:

    Thank you for emailing me your cook book so promptly. I’ve had a browse through and can’t wait to get started.
    My daughter Lucy plans to do some Alpine chalet cooking during her gap year in 2011 so your book will come in very handy.
    Best Regards
    Irene Beckwith

  6. Steven Biggs says:

    Many thanks for all the useful info. This is the first book I’ve understood and enjoyed using. All the recipe information is solid and very logical. Well done.

  7. First rate recipes, especially peanut chicken and Asian slaw. I had reservations about buying a download which proved unfounded, I like being able to print off what I want when I want and give to friends too.

  8. Andrew says:

    Hi Uma can I have a hard copy instead???

  9. Tim Robertson says:

    I love your website and your cookery book even more – very nice effort!
    All the recipes are easy to understand and follow – even I can do them and thats saying something 🙂 Thanks Uma I wish you every success with it.

  10. Robert Crosley says:

    Your recipe book is outstanding since using it, I feel I can actually put a meal together with confidence. I was skeptical to begin with but you have proved me wrong, so I won’t be returning the book to you as you kindly offered. I particularly like knowing when to cook the vegetables, previously I was putting them on to cook far too early, the same applies to cooking meat. In all honesty I find it quite shocking how little time meat takes to cook and how easy it is to ruin it by overcooking. Thank you I look forward to working my way through all the recipes.

  11. Trisha Edwards says:

    My sister Jane came to your class and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! She bought me a copy of your book and although I haven’t tried any recipes out as yet I can tell I’ll enjoy using it. I’m keen to try the Moroccan meatballs, she said they were amazing.

  12. Jane Reynolds says:

    Wow! What a book. The recipes are spot on and work exactly as you say they will. I got your book for my daughter but love it so much I’m using it all the time
    Many thanks!!!
    PS . your squid salad is supreme and I don’t even normally like squid!

  13. Kim Short says:

    Hello There Uma
    Just to let you know how much I’m enjoying using your recipe book. The recipes are faultless – even I can’t go wrong. I’m actually looking forward to getting home from work to start cooking one of your fabulous dinners, and for the first time ever my family are complimenting me on my cooking and coming back for second helpings. Thanks a million x

  14. LilaThompson says:

    I very much enjoy your book. Great recipes that so far are working out evertime I make them. Thanks to you my confidence is restored as my husband actually enjoys eating what I put in front of him because the food tastes super good. I will spread the word!!!

  15. B. Plainer says:

    A very nice book, Many Thanks Uma!

  16. Nice post. I like your blog.

  17. Joanne says:

    Thanks for your cook book it’s very good and all the recipes I’ve made so far are tasty and easy to follow.

  18. michelle jones says:

    I agree with everything said here. Your book is a gem. I’m using it all the time, we specially like the fish pie and lazy coq au vin. The recipes are so easy to follow even my boyfriend has started using it!

  19. Lisa Rayner says:

    Hi Uma thanks so much for all your helpful tips and recipes each week. Just to say I got your book simply because i was so impressed by the number of people leaving a comment about it, so thought it had to be good AND IT IS! I really like the menu plan and shopping lists you’ve created, they have saved me so much time.

  20. Greta says:

    Cool Book Uma I love using it. We eat your recipes all the time now. You manage to make food tastes so good:)

  21. Julie Ann says:

    I can’t wait to get started on all these lovely recipes, especially if I can lose some weight as well.

  22. Jan Wearing says:

    Hi Uma
    Just to say I would love to get you book but I have never bought anything on line so I’ll come back to you. Really loving your wonderful recipes which I receive. Thanks to you I have found a new joy in cooking. X Jan

  23. Jenny says:

    Trying out new recipes can sometimes be time consuming and not always very succesful, but everything is made so easy in Every Day Easy Gourmet, since you’ve done all the planning for us. It really is brilliant. I’ve tried lots of recipes in your book and they are all so easy to follow and create delicious meals with so little effort. I can honestly say all the recipes work, unlike some high profile cookery books! Thank you, Uma.

  24. Katie Richards says:

    I love your cook book Uma! I bought a copy just before Christmas and now I use it all the time. Honestly, no other book gets a look in anymore. All the recipes work perfectly and each one tastes amazing. Can you do one on desserts???

  25. Judy says:

    Did I cook Chicken Romana? Yes, I did !!!

    What a great recipe.

    I’m so wet about cooking recipes including ingredients my boys don’t like but I decided .. .. sod it. Charlie hates olives and capers and Hugo doesn’t like courgette. There were a few disapproving comments as they hovered around me to see what they were getting for supper. However, they LOVED it, had seconds and Hugo said “this is really delicious”. So a definite hit, so easy to make and how perfect to have the dilema of what to cook on a Saturday night sorted via an email. Many thanks, Uma.

  26. Anthony says:

    WOW! I bought your book yesterday after trying out the creamy coconut chilli chicken which was absolutely superb! I’m not joking when I say it could be one of the greatest tastes my partner and I have ever experienced and we eat out alot. We can’t wait to try another one!

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