Chocolate Heaven

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Chocolate treats don't get better than this!

Chocolate treats don't get better than this!

You are going to love me!

Why? Because I’m about to share with you my secret recipe for the best tasting, chocolate truffles in the entire world!

Not only do they taste divine, but they also fit into the ‘maximum reward for minimum effort’ category. In fact, you’ll be shocked when you discover just how unbelievably simple they are to make.

And if that isn’t tempting enough, they’re also low in calories, which means you get your fix without getting fat!!!

I know, sounds incredible doesn’t it? But it’s true. You won’t find any added sugar, butter or cream – just two simple ingredients – chocolate and water.

Don’t ask me how it’s possible to get all the taste but half the calories – (plus a gratifyingly fudgy consistency to sink your teeth into) because I don’t know. You’ll have to ask Heston for the answer to that one.

As is often the case, my best ideas come about when I’m pottering in the kitchen. With this one, I was in need of a chocolate fix but wanted to keep it simple and the ingredients to a minimum. The rest as they say is history.

Call me an obessesive, perfectionist if you like, but after much experimenting I’ve found the higher the cocoa content the denser (and not necessarily better) the result.

The chocolate I’m recommending works surprisingly well and a couple of bars are all you need. Luckily, this is one of those rare occasions when cheap doesn’t mean stinting on quality.

For me, the perfect blend is a bar each of J.D. Gross Equador single estate (70% cocoa) – and J.D. Gross Madagascar (46% cocoa). What you get is depth of flavour and a wonderfully moreish fudgy constistency. Each bar costs under £1 and is available from Lidl and Asda.

I keep a batch made up in the fridge at all times, liking nothing more than to start the day with a couple of cubes washed down with some strong Italian coffee. Bliss. Click here for the recipe.


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