Marrow 5 Spice Chutney

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Something to get in a pickle about...

Something to get in a pickle about...

Marrow 5 spice chutney is cheap as chips, tastes fantastic and loved by all who try it!  It’s spicy and fruity with a long warm aftertaste and is amazing dolloped over cheese on toast. Make now in time for Christmas and give to family and friends.

Serving Size
: Fills 5 medium jars
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 1 hour
Effort Level: Easy

3 medium marrow
3 large cooking apples
1 large onion
6 fat garlic cloves
3 red bird eye chillies
40g fresh ginger
150g raisins
300ml white wine vinegar
300g soft brown sugar
1 heaped tsp Chinese 5 spice
2 tsp salt
1 dessert spoon Crosse & Blackwell browning

Preserving pan or 3 litre deep saucepan
Sterilised airtight jars with screw tops
Chopping board and sharp knife
Food processor
Wooden spoon
Vegetable peeler

Here’s What You Do:
Peel and de-seed the marrow, chop the flesh into small dice and throw into the pan.

Peel, core and chop the apples so they’re roughly the same size and add to the pan.

Blitz the onion, ginger, chillies and garlic into small pieces using a processor and add to the pan.

Now add the vinegar, sugar and raisins and slowly bring to a simmer, stirring from time to time, then leave to cook gently for 45-60 minutes.
Season with salt and add a splash of browning for colour.

Leave to cool before decanting into sterilised jars then store in a cool dark cupboard.

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5 Responses to “Marrow 5 Spice Chutney”

  1. maria coucom says:

    just about to make your chutney,its sounds brill

  2. Lucy says:

    In a word – YUMMY

  3. Debs says:

    I’d just been given some marrows from my neighbour and was wondering what to do with them when your blog arrived in my inbox so I made the chutney yesterday and wanted to let you know that it tastes absolutely lovely. Many Thanks!

  4. Edith Sumner says:

    I always listen to Sue Davies program in the afternoon and have heard you on there before. Now after hearing Sue wax lyrical and dish out the praise for your marrow chutney I’ve simply got to try it for myself. If I’m around on the 26th I will come to tetbury and watch your demonstration. A very nice website.

  5. Tanya says:

    Great Chutney! So easy to make too. We opened the first pot yesterday and had with some cheese. It was quite spicey but went really well with the cheddar.

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