Lorraine Pascale – Baking Made Easy

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At last! A new cook on the scene that looks as good as she cooks.

Lorraine Pascale specialises in baking and took pleasure in showing viewers just how easy it is throw together soda bread, shortcrust pastry, plus a gorgeous pastry tart filled with fresh figs, cream cheese and mint leaves which looked and sounded heavenly.

I only caught the tail end of her canapes – parmesan crisps – always fab, but served ingeniously on sticks, turning them into savoury lollipops – what a great idea (and one I’ll pinch!) .  Plus she made some nifty little mille fueille’s and a chocolate cake named ‘I can’t believe you made it’, so called due to its professional good looks – a bit like the cook herself really, who just so happens to be an ex vogue model. Some girls get all the luck!

If you missed tonights episode, tune in next Monday to BBC 2 8.30pm to see a fresh new face with an equally fresh and appealing personality. Good Luck Lorraine!

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  1. Natasha says:

    Made her Parmesan and poppy seed lollipops last night as a light snack for the home coming hubby. He was delighted. I was delighted. They all looked like golden trees, these lollipops, and tasted fantastic!

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